IOS: My thoughts after few weeks


It’s been few weeks since I have switched to IOS from android, so what are my thoughts on IOS?

  1. IOS is stable than android
  2. Not able to customize the looks and feels unlike android unless it is jail-broken
  3. Simple design
  4. Need to download apps in able to clean apps cache unlike android can easily clean cache by accessing settings
  5. Secured? I guess both security are the same
  6. Lacks of NFC,quick charge and wireless charging (maybe on iPhone 8?)

Anyway, my overall conclusion is I love the phone because it is simple and elegant though sometimes I am still looking for stuffs that I can do with android but there’s nothing I can do because both are different platforms and have different design. In the future maybe Apple will improve their products specially on hardware in which nowadays there are lots of powerful smart phone that can compete with them in the market.

Switching from Android to IOS


I have been using smart phone since smart phone have started rolling out and ever since I have been using Android phone and never had a chance to try IOS. I know my way around android and things I can do with root or without root and I can even operate Android even with my eyes closed..LOL. Just out of curiousity and I really wanted to try IOS.

Just sold my beloved Samsung S6 edge and bought a second hand Iphone 6S plus, yep it’s not the newest and I can’t afford an Iphone 7 plus because it’s too expensive for me I will just wait for the price to go down and when there are lots of second-hand Iphone 7 plus..haha. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: My Personal Review

I have been looking for a new or not so new phone (2nd hand) that doesn’t cost much and my colleagues offered me a phone that can be paid in installment. The first time I laid my hand on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge I immediately fell in love with it, it looks classy with its gold color and curve edges, it is not too large which can be held by people with big or small hands and the specifications is spectacular. Continue reading →

Cloudfone Thrill Access Review

Cloudfone Thrill Access

Before I start my personal review on Cloudfone Thrill Access, below are the specifications of the said phone.

 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6735 quad-core processor

2GB of RAM

5-inch HD IPS display, 1280 x 720 resolution

16GB of expandable storage

8-megapixel rear camera with AF and LED flash

5-megapixel front camera with LED flash

Dual SIM


WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS, Fingerprint scanner

2500mAh battery

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Continue reading →

Reviving my Samsung Note 1 (N7000)

I guess it’s been quite a long time since I’ve write on my blog, life it’s hard for me nowadays and thank God I can still get through the hardships that I’ve been going through. Anyway, few weeks ago I lost my phone while attending our high school reunion and all the guests are all my old classmates and teachers so I don’t want to blame anyone and it will serve as a lesson for me. After I lost my phone I was trying to revive my old phone (N7000) and I’ve reset it to factory settings several times but the system still running very slow so I decided to install a custom rom which might help to speed up my old phone. I am very thankful to the developer of the said rom and it brought back my old phone to life. You can find the guide here if you would like to try this custom rom, it has also guides where you can expand your internal storage which I find it very useful because the factory only allocates 2GB for internal storage and I usually can’t install all the apps I wanted so be sure to follow the guide on how to expand your external storage and it really helps.


I hope this can help those who still have your old Samsung Note 1!

Intelco Rude CSR

Yesterday I received notification on my facebook that Intelco have replied to my earlier comment but I can’t believe my eyes when I saw what Intelco replied.

intelco comment


It is really rude to see what a CSR would reply to an unsatisfied customer like the picture shown above, I don’t know why NTC permitted Intelco to give expensive DSL service and as far as I know, this DSL service company is only sharing DSL of bayantel to the people of Binan, does bayantel know you are sharing their connection?

Anyway, Intelco immediately message me and apologize for the rude comment and explained that the comment is from another page and not from them.

intelco messageI immediately accepted their apology and I don’t want to escalate the issue. I really have doubts whether the comment is from other page or from one of their page admin. Well, I hope intelco or the owner of intelco will improve their DSL service in able to satisfy all the customers in Binan, Laguna or if they can’t improve their service, let other DSL provider to give their service in Binan and stop using politics influence to stop other providers from entering Binan.

Will you spend money to buy IPHONE 6?

Iphone 6

Iphone 6 just came out few days ago and people are going crazy and fall in a long line to buy this product. For me, I was never a fan of Iphone ever since but lots of people are buying it even with an expensive price. Just saw the price from the net today and got shocked for the price, Iphone plus 16G for P107,190? come on? are you guys serious to buy this phone? get real! Nowadays there are a lot of smart phone that works better than iphone 6 and with higher specs. With 100k in my pocket I can buy a lot of stuffs for my family already. Well this is only my opinion but if you have money or rich you can go ahead and buy one Iphone 6 and I have nothing against it..after is your money not mine 🙂 peace! ciao!

Mobile Network Prefixes in The Philippines 2014

Map_of_Philippines_(en)I have wondered what are the network operator that I am calling when my boss ask me to call someone here in Philippines and aside from wondering I am also worried it will cost some money if  called other network. After searching from the internet, I found a list of mobile network prefixes here  Philippines. Continue reading →

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