Lihpao Land Tour

Recently I went to a tour with I-sheng company to Lihpao Land for 2 days, I’ve been there for couple of times already but it’s my first time to stay at Fullon Hotel which located within the Lihpao Land.


I had a great time with the workers of the company which I’ve known for almost 4 years, on the first night we went to a bar to support our “Kababayan” which will be performing at the bar. We had a lot of beers and I am half drunk when I went back to my room.


This might be the last time I will be joining their tour, I will be leaving Taiwan this month. I hope someday there will be a chance to spend time with the I-sheng boys once again.

Tour again


Once again I had a tour with one of the company that I’m handling, it’s quite boring though because I’ve been here couple of times or shall I say yearly, this is one of the favorite place that most of the company here in Taiwan goes during tour.

I sat on a bench and wondering what to do to kill time, I took my camera and starts to practice basic photography.


Well..not bad for a newbie like me right? After here, we went to a mountain side to see some views. I got excited because I can have more shots with my camera and at the same time got worried (we are going to walk on steep roads).



Once again, not bad right? Anyway, after roaming around we had our dinner and took a ride home afterwards. Well..learning photography and DSLR camera really needs to take some time and I hope I can get better and better when I have  chance to take my camera for action!

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