My Birthday 2017

Time flies and I got older again but I thank God for extending my life and for all the blessings. I had an early celebration last August 5 with my sister who treated me for dinner at sobrang nabusog ako sa eat all you can ng Yakiniku. Thank you so much sis for treating your big bro for dinner.

advance bday

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It’s my birthday!

my birthday

Once again I will be celebrating my birthday alone here in Taiwan, though my little sister and little brother are both here in Taiwan but we seldom sees each other because of the distance and of course considering my budget nowadays. So what are my plans? nothing much! going to work today and after work I might treat myself a decent meal at Mcdonald and go home. I don’t have wish for myself but for my family to have good health and I thank God for the life he have lend me, all the blessing he gave. Happy birthday to me again!

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