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My Birthday 2017

Time flies and I got older again but I thank God for extending my life and for all the blessings. I had an early celebration last August 5 with my sister who treated me for dinner at sobrang nabusog ako sa eat all you can ng Yakiniku. Thank you so much sis for treating your big bro for dinner.

advance bday


My gift for myself?

I have been thinking what gift can I get for myself? I guess the greatest gift for myself is to stay in shape and have good health, so the day before my birthday I went to a clinic which have a program from Taiwan Health Bureau to help people to quit smoking as so on this day I started not to smoke anymore and I hope I will finish the program and live a nicotine free life for myself and as well as for my family.

quit smoking

Time to treat myself!

Just like last year and every time I receive my salary I treat myself a good meal which I love “MCDONALD’S” ! Yep the same old meal that I had last year on my birthday! I can’t afford to treat anyone so I treated myself a good meal.

birthday 2017


My Wish?

I wish I could live longer to see my kids grow up and have their own family and good health for my family and nothing more.

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