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About Me

I’m Paul Bade and it’s obvious on my domain name. Well, I’m not a very good blogger but I want to have a blog site to express myself, my thoughts and my interests. I studied Computer Science during my college days and that’s the reason I’m so into computers and gadgets stuffs.

I love playing baseball and soccer during my childhood days. I used to love drawing and lettering when I’m still young and as I entered college I didn’t draw that frequent anymore and started to tackle with computer and totally fell in love with it.

Most of the days I am at work and at night I chat with my wife or watch TV or do something that interests me. This might be one of the stuffs I will be doing during my free time. Well, aside from that, I love eating different kind of foods, Thai..vietnam..etc. I love trying those foods specially if it’s spicy and that’s why I am gaining a little weight now. Hahaha.

 I have a great wife and kids and they are my life. I met my wife when both of us were working in Taiwan and got married afterwards. I went back to Taiwan to work for their future even though it’s really hard not seeing my kids growing up and be with my wife. That’s all about me!

Enough said!