Kababalaghan 2017 hosted by Noli De Castro


Every year I have been looking forward to watch Kababalaghan hosted by Noli De Castro and for me it is a must to watch this on Halloween 😀

I have been searching for this for a few days already because I wasn’t able to watch it here in Taiwan (I don’t have TFC subscription). Thank you ABS-CBN for uploading it on YouTube! Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Kababalaghan 2016 hosted by Noli De Castro

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Noli De Castro hosting Halloween specials, when I was still a kid I never missed his Halloween specials show every year and I am glad that once again he is back to host it. I hope you guys will enjoy this and sorry for the poor audio because I only recorded this using screen recorder.

Watch it here

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