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My Application for Taiwan APRC (Alien Permanent Resident Certificate)

It has been a roller coaster ride while I am preparing my application for APRC and had a little hiccup after submitting my application. I was born in Taiwan and have been going in and out of Taiwan for more than 2 decades and finally I got my APRC.

Here’s are the documents I have prepared

1. Certificate of Employment

2. Work permits that i have used for the past 5 years

3. Bank statement for the whole year 2022

4. Payslips for the whole year 2022

5. Income Tax statement

6. Police clearance (Taiwan)

7. Application form

8. 1 2×2 picture

9. Xerox copy of my ARC, old and new passports

10. NT$10000 APRC application fee

Maybe you are wondering why i need to provide my bank statement and payslips. Actually my taxable income didn’t reach the required amount for APRC but my gross and net income did reach the requred amount, I asked the Taipei immigration HQ and they said that I can provide my bank statement and payslip as additional proofs.

Everything went well while applying at Changhua Immigration and the next day i checked my application status online

Above it says under review and just need to wait. After 2 weeks i got a call from the Changhua Immigration and were asked to provide documents as proofs that my parents doesn’t have Taiwan citizenship because I was born in Taiwan. It did give me a little headache because my dad have passed away already and my parents were separated for a long time already. I am lucky that my mom still have their marriage certificate so I provided their marriage certificate, my birth certificate and my mom’s old passport which all of it have indicated Filipino as their citizenship. Once again i went to the Changhua immigration office to submit the additional documents and waited again. After 2 weeks the immigration officer called again that I need to write an Guarantee letter (切結書)which the contents should be I blah blah my great grandpa, mother, father and their names blah blah blah I guarantee that they only have Filipino Citizenship and doesn’t have Taiwan Citizenship and if found information are not true I am willing to shoulder the responsibility etc etc. The next day I went to Changhua Immigration once again to provide the said letter.

After one week I checked my application status online

Wallah! It says they are making the card that means my APRC has been approved! I was so happy after seeing it! Finally!

After a week I checked my application status again

It says approved (waiting to claim the card) 🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉. I have waited for a few days before claiming it. Anyway, I applied on 11/20/2023 and claimed it on 01/17/2024 it took a little more time as expected because of the small hiccups but worth the long wait at least I finally have my APRC 😀

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