Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7

I was trying to reformat my old laptop but it fails whenever I install the driver for PCI memory or Intel Turbo Memory, it hangs when I restart my laptop. Tried lot of version of Windows 10 that I can find online but it all fails on the said driver, it runs well if I don’t install the driver but for me it seems weird if I don’t install the driver because I don’t like seeing devices with question mark on device manager.


I decided to downgrade to Windows 7 and it runs perfectly without any problem after installing Intel Turbo Memory driver, i think the driver doesn’t support Windows 10 that’s why it hangs or freezes on Windows 10 logo.

How to fix “unidentified network” & “no internet” problem in Windows 7

This past few days I had this problem when I tried to connect to the WIFI network on one of our client. Last week I have successfully connected on their network, but yesterday I was having problem connecting. After searching on the net for any solution or whatever the problem may it be I finally found an answer.

1. click window button

2. type cmd

3. once appeared right click CMD and run as administrator


5. reconnect to your WIFI network

I hope this helps!

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