Quick review on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Amazing-Spider-Man-2(Copyright of the image belongs to the rightful owner)
Just watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 a while ago, it has a good storyline but I still feels like the movie is still lack of something. Most of the story is about what really happened to the parents of Spidy and the love story between him and Gwen. Maybe I am expecting to have much action and more fight scenes but aside from that, the movie is great although I am going to miss Gwen on the next movie of Spider-Man.

“SABOTAGE” movie brief review

Yesterday I was expecting to watch a spectacular movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger but it was way out of my expectations. This might be the worst movie I’ve watched starring by Arnold. I was expecting an action pack movie but it just gave me a sad feeling after watching it. Personally I think the movie has too much twists and the storyline is not that great. How I wish Arnold can make a better movie than this.


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