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Internet service providers in Binan Laguna

ispMaybe some of you have read my post about internet service provider (Intelco) in Binan, Until this day we the people of Binan are still looking for an stable and affordable internet service providers. I have tried almost all of the options for internet in Binan that includes buying an LTE router with antenna and tried globe and smart sims, in San Antonio I can’t get a decent 4G signal for both network unlike in South City Homes. Yes it works in South City Homes but the problem is the data capping of these networks and the speed…ahhh..I think all of you know how fast they are..right?

Smart bro connection is now known as PLDT ultera and it doesn’t offer unlimited package but packages by volume. It is available in some areas in Binan, speed is nice but if there are plenty of gadgets in your home that needs internet or you have kids that watches youtube all the time this is not going to work for you.

Royal cable is now available in San Antonio with their affordable price, you have options if you just want cable internet connection or bundle with cable TV. It is unlimited and you can apply for 2 or 3mbps package for a fair price compare to Intelco. nice right? but hold your thoughts…the speed goes down around 5pm in weekdays and also in weekend..why? it’s a shared connection and people using the internet have come back from work or school..(lot of users = slow cable internet connection!), if you are going to download something, you need to download before the peak hours or before weekend or else you will get an 56k connection (dinosaur age internet) 🙂

I also tried globe dsl 6 years ago in San Antonio but that time my plan was 384 or 512kbps for 999 if my memory serves me right. The speed is quite acceptable because that time I use internet majority for internet games, I tried watching online movies but it buffers every now and

Oh my..when are we going to get a decent internet connection in Binan??? We all knew about the rumor why other ISP (PLDT and BAYANTEL DSL) can’t provide their services in Binan..yes I am mad about that rumor and the people mentioned in the rumor are too selfish! I didn’t vote for them but they still found a way to win, Binan does have dirty politics and I have witnessed it last election! ok..chill..


I have tried almost all the internet service providers in Binan but I think Royal Cable provides much decent connection among them all, I am now in abroad and internet is the only means of communication to see my family, globe and smart sucks because I can’t have a decent voice or video calls using these networks. However, royal cable have much decent connection when it comes to video or voice calls.

I hope my post can help you guys to decide which internet you will use in Binan. God bless.

Update 03/08/2017

My wife inquired for the service of PLDT today and now it covered our area with DSL and Fiber connection, the personnel of PLDT told my wife that Mayor Dimaguila have approved their installation in Binan now. Great news but I hope the connection of PLDT is stable and fast.

48 thoughts on “Internet service providers in Binan Laguna

  1. Oscar

    This is so unfair! Even Lucena has PLDT fiber 100mbps for only 5,800 while I’m stuck here in Binan paying Intelco 5,000 per month for 5mbps!

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      i feel you.. i used to live in QC and i have lot of options for internet that time but in Biñan..haissstt.. another haissttt.. anyway, going to move to sta. rosa when i get back and i heard there is pldt fiber connection there.

  2. V

    PLDT DSL is now available in Binan! YEY! According to an agent, it’s now available in selected areas and soon to cover entire city. Ask them about it. They have a booth im Pavilion Mall.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      This is a good news! If Intelco have larger competitor they might lower down their price to keep up. I hope hindi lang ultera ang maprovide nila as well as DSL and fiber. I will ask my wife to inquire about it. Thank you for the information!

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      still have no luck at south city homes, i heard that intelco have reduced their dsl price, i asked my wife to inquire about it today.

  3. Michael Sayo

    Hi, PLDT is now installing their fiber lines in Southville. Already filled up an application for PLDT Fibr 50mbps. They said it might be a month or two before they roll out their services. There is hope in the horizon…

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      it’s about time and I hope sooner or later people of Binan can avail their internet service, we really need decent internet connection with reasonable price in Binan!

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      We’re using PLDT Home BRO (Smart Bro dati) sa sta. rosa medyo ok naman ang speed but the problem is limited or by volume, di ko pa nasusubukan ang Globe LTE at DSL palang nasubukan ko.

  4. Cathie Imperial

    Hi Paul. Thanks for making this blog and talki g about how hard it is to find an inter et provider here in Binan. I got excited when you mentioned fiber. Where do I gontoninquire about that?

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      They have booths at SM Sta. Rosa, Pavillion Mall and Central Mall or you can directly go to their main office (I am not sure where it is just google it). Thank you for the comment.

      1. Rod

        Hi. Im from san antonio and inquired yesterday at pavilion mall pldt office. They dont serve san antonio area but only have service in south city homes and some villages around jubilation area.

        1. Paul Bade Post author

          Thank you for the comment sir, I used to live in San Antonio and tried globe dsl and intelco but both are quite expensive. My cousins are using Royal cable for their internet connection and I think it’s much better than those 2 i have mentioned in terms of pricing.

  5. Grand Kalutoh

    we apply for pldt dsl last october 2016 in a booth in pavillion mall we pay for reservation in advance for plan 1299 my mother already pays because they say it will be connected 2 to 3 days we always go to pavilion every month to ask why there is no one connecting in our place they say san antonio has no plans yet so we wait and wait until my mother asks for a refund this february of 2017 now its march we ask the pldt office in pavillion mall they say san antonio will be prioritize this coming april or may..

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      i really hope that PLDT can push through all the area in Binan because we badly need a decent internet connection.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      While waiting for PLDT you can try if there’s royal cable connection in your area (pwede na pagtyagaan kesa sa Intelco) but just to warn you they have poor technical support and upon application you need to follow up every now and then (para makulitan sila) it takes a little long if you will just sit down and wait for them.

  6. KC

    Still no luck for PLDT Fibr here in Dolce Vita. They told us last year they will finish laying the fibrs by January but it’s end of March and still not available.

  7. Jen Tenido

    Hi Sir,

    Do you have any recommendation for internet service for commercial area? We have our internet shop but we are here in Biñan and cannot get decent internet cause we are using INTELCO. We don’t have any choice to be honest. But please let us know if ever meron ng available. Thanks.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      I would recommend royal cable for the meantime while waiting for PLDT, INTELCO really costs a lot with low speed.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      walang anuman..just sharing my experience on the different internet connections that I have used in Binan. Anyway, bumabagal din ang royal cable sa gabi lalo na weekend.

  8. Jenggay

    We applied for PLDT connection last week then this morning the tech guys went here. They said they’ll check the connection around the area here in South City Homes then when they got back sabi “Ma’am puno na po sa area nyo, di na po namin kayo makakabitan unless may mahpadisconnect.” WTH diba??? So I asked wala bang ibang options? Wala daw! Gggggrrr I don’t get it though. May PLDT na nga pero di maman makakabitan lahat ng gusto magpakabit bulok tlga! Just sharing guys. Now I am back to zero again for lookig for a connection.. I’ll check with Royal Cable.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      That sucks! Alam naman nila marami magswiswitch sa PLDT dapat dinagdagan na nila linya south city homes palang yan ha..paano na sa ibang lugar sa Binan? Sa amin (South City Homes din) di na naantay ng misis ko ang PLDT (yun pala puno na ang slot) kaya balik Royal cable muna para lang magkaroon ng connection.

    2. ann

      same situation here in southbreeze san francisco binan! we waited 3 weeks then sasabihin na walang available na line! will check royal cable.

  9. Carmen Cruz

    I am using Verdant Cable Tv for my internet. This is Planet Cable. My subscription is for 5mbps and it seemed Ok until lately i noticed a slow down in service during the night time (peak time). Today I just got back my internet service from early this morning. I am seriously looking at changing Verdant Internet.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      That’s the problem with cable internet, it slows down on peak hours specially at night and weekends (currently we are using royal cable). It might be better if there is DSL connection or fiber.

  10. Mrgclef

    Im using intelco right now and im paying 2k for 2mbps for almost 3 years now. Balak ko magswitch na sa Royal. Worth it kaya? Im working at home from 9pm to 7am weekdays kaya need ko talaga stable internet connection

    1. Rommel

      Anybody subscribed to Royal Cable at 3Mbps in sto.tomas area? Kumusta naman ang speed? stable ba? Pls advie as I am considering switching providers.

    2. Paul Bade Post author

      i think kung sa gabi 9pm to 7am medyo magiging ok ang speed kasi usually from 6pm onwards bumabagal dahil dumadami na gumagamit ng internet. Para sigurado kung may kapitbahay ka naka Royal pwede mo try lalo na sa gabi and weekend.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      Sorry never been to your area, need mo magtanong tanong siguro sa mga may internet sa areas nyo kung ano ISP nila at kung stable ang connection.

  11. velavela

    Update about your current connection this year! Taga san antonio kami, malapit sa may santa catalina schooL. Sana mag karoon kayo ng update review/suggestion sa iba’t ibang network providers.

  12. MommyB

    From Brgy Casile (St. Rose 2, near Sta Catalina too). Unfortunately, we are still left with this problem while all nearby towns are going fiber. Ano na?! Hindi ba pwedeng ireklamo ung politika sa internet ng Binan!!!

    By the way, a relative works in PLDT. And it is true. They can’t enter the so called “city”.

    1. AmyP

      True. We just recently moved to San Antonio Binan and we were really surprised to find out na may problema sa Internet. Never in our wildest dream have we thought of checking this kase, Binan is a progressive place. Punta ka sa ibang liblib na provinces, mas ok pa connection nila. Because of the nature of my work, I have access to PLDT and Globe, good and reliable connections. Both of them said, they cannot help me. PLDT tried but they said they really can’t build their facilities in the area. How heartbreaking…. Anyway, been talking to Royal, ok na yung application, then they said hindi pa abot facilities nila sa bahay namin. We agreed to pay na the cabling as per their suggestion para lang umabot sa amin but they came back and said, wala pa daw sa plano ng engineering group nila…… Applied sa BE everywhere, nag-apply ako kaninang morning, naikabit na agad before lunch, so trial period, so far impressive ang response rate at ok pa naman ang speed. I’ve read horror stories about BE, after the trial period wala na yung speed but desperate na ako hence still applied with them. Hoping and praying that they’ve improved their speed and services. Will update after one week, bakasakali makatulong.

  13. Ferdie

    any recommendation for wifi and cable in prima casa near jubilation east in Binan laguna . Appreciate your input po.

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      thank you for the comment, i don’t know what are the available connections in your area but i would recommend pldt dsl or fiber if it is available or the new royal cable’s fiber optic connection.

  14. iamjenicejoy

    thanks for this post, very helpful! thanks for posting! we’re planning to get internet connection, pldt pavillion 3 months ago said they can only provide Ultera in San Antonio. We’ll check if fiber will be available soon!

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      don’t get ultera, it is much better if it is dsl or fiber. i heard that royal cable is promoting their new fiber connection but i don’t know if the speed is much stable than the current cable internet.

  15. R

    Hi, anyone here from South Springs Subd. (Brgy. Canlalay)? Lahat kasi hindi pwede dito, Sky, Globe, Royal, PLDT. Wala daw open slot ang PLDT Fibr. 2 months na kami naghahanap ng pwedeng internet provider. Any suggestions?

    Magttry sana kami ng PLDT Home Prepaid wifi kasi un nalang ang only option. Anyone nakapagtry na nito?

    Thank you.

  16. R

    Anyone from South Springs, Brgy. Canlalay? Ano internet provider niyo? Meron bang nakaPLDT or nakabitan recently? Wala daw kasing available sa terminal kaya 3 months na wala padin samin. Thanks.

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