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Sudden stomach ache after eating

stomach acheWhat a painful day! After I ate my lunch, my stomach suddenly feels funny that I have to run to the bathroom and let it out. I felt a little better after that, but after a while my stomach feels funny again and I can feel the pain little by little from all over my stomach and felt back pain as well. I tried going to the bathroom but i only seated and nothing went out. I don’t want to go to the doctor immediately so I decided to wait if the pain will go away. I am thankful that the pain went away after few hours and I am feeling much better now. Whatever that caused my stomach pain, I hope it’s not serious. Thank God!

Update 1:

I thought I am fine but early 3AM in the morning my stomach pain woke me up, going to the doctor for checkup and I hope there’s nothing serious.

Update 2:

Seen the doctor and need to do endoscopy to determine the problem after 2 days.

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