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Switching from Android to IOS


I have been using smart phone since smart phone have started rolling out and ever since I have been using Android phone and never had a chance to try IOS. I know my way around android and things I can do with root or without root and I can even operate Android even with my eyes closed..LOL. Just out of curiousity and I really wanted to try IOS.

Just sold my beloved Samsung S6 edge and bought a second hand Iphone 6S plus, yep it’s not the newest and I can’t afford an Iphone 7 plus because it’s too expensive for me I will just wait for the price to go down and when there are lots of second-hand Iphone 7 plus..haha.

Anyway, it’s not easy to switch to a whole new system and I need to start from scratch again and study how it works and it can do by watching YouTube and search google.  Both system are quite similar aside from you can’t fully customize your Iphone if it’s not jail broken unlike android, I was also searching for a way clone Line app which I use for work but have no luck while on android you can do it easily by download parallel space or go multiple in able to use multiple account on Line, Facebook and so on.

I love IOS because it’s much stable then Android and less crashes, until now I am still learning how to use this device comfortably. I am thinking to jailbreak it but on second thought it might void its warranty (I am not sure) like rooting an android device, that’s it!

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