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Power 90 after 30 days result

Recently I started to workout and wanted to get in shape again, I realized that I am not getting any younger and my health were getting weaker each day so I decided to get in shape and live healthy! It needs hard work to achieve your goal, decide and commit. I tried P90X before but did not finish the program and personally I think P90X is not for beginner especially for those who doesn’t workout a lot, Power 90 is great for beginner and all the exercises included are for beginners.There are a lot of things to consider when you have decided to lose weight and get in shape and one of those things is food! yep! food! I sacrificed a lot of foods that i loved… McDonald’s! For me I planned what I need to eat, I still eat breakfast that i love to eat and for lunch I only eat half rice with vegetables and little meat, for dinner I only drink meal replacement shake (Herbalife). That’s it!

It’s really hard at first but i got used to it after a week or 2 and now from 87 kgs down to 84 kgs!

P90 day 1 and 30

I hope I can finish it! I will post my Day 60 progress on my next post! Wish me luck guys! Ciao!


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