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Intelco Rude CSR

Yesterday I received notification on my facebook that Intelco have replied to my earlier comment but I can’t believe my eyes when I saw what Intelco replied.

intelco comment


It is really rude to see what a CSR would reply to an unsatisfied customer like the picture shown above, I don’t know why NTC permitted Intelco to give expensive DSL service and as far as I know, this DSL service company is only sharing DSL of bayantel to the people of Binan, does bayantel know you are sharing their connection?

Anyway, Intelco immediately message me and apologize for the rude comment and explained that the comment is from another page and not from them.

intelco messageI immediately accepted their apology and I don’t want to escalate the issue. I really have doubts whether the comment is from other page or from one of their page admin. Well, I hope intelco or the owner of intelco will improve their DSL service in able to satisfy all the customers in Binan, Laguna or if they can’t improve their service, let other DSL provider to give their service in Binan and stop using politics influence to stop other providers from entering Binan.

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