Philippine Election 2016

Well..I was able to vote in Philippines once again and still the same old election style. Under the heat of the weather I need to find my precinct and after I found my precinct, I need to fall in long line to wait for my turn to vote. What I have observed in my voting area, people doesn’t have discipline on throwing trashes and you can see lots of trashes scattered, I think before desiring for any changes from the newly elected President we need to change ourselves or have self-discipline first.
I am not quite satisfied for the result in Binan but there’s nothing I can do about it, I just hope Dimaguila will do his job instead of wasting the taxpayer’s money. In National Election I am quite satisfied about the result.

partial election result

I would like to congratulate our new President Rody Duterte, we all have hope on you sir for the change that you’ve been talking about and please don’t disappoint us. As of now, I am still waiting for the Vice-President result because it seems like Robredo and Marcos race is tight.

God bless Philippines!

Intelco Rude CSR

Yesterday I received notification on my facebook that Intelco have replied to my earlier comment but I can’t believe my eyes when I saw what Intelco replied.

intelco comment


It is really rude to see what a CSR would reply to an unsatisfied customer like the picture shown above, I don’t know why NTC permitted Intelco to give expensive DSL service and as far as I know, this DSL service company is only sharing DSL of bayantel to the people of Binan, does bayantel know you are sharing their connection?

Anyway, Intelco immediately message me and apologize for the rude comment and explained that the comment is from another page and not from them.

intelco messageI immediately accepted their apology and I don’t want to escalate the issue. I really have doubts whether the comment is from other page or from one of their page admin. Well, I hope intelco or the owner of intelco will improve their DSL service in able to satisfy all the customers in Binan, Laguna or if they can’t improve their service, let other DSL provider to give their service in Binan and stop using politics influence to stop other providers from entering Binan.

Flood all over Philippines

san juan floodThough the typhoon known as Mario here in Philippines did not direct hit our country but the rain causes a flood in lot of areas all over the Philippine. Photo above taken in San Juan in Metro Manila in which the water is very high as of now. Let us all pray for the safety of the people who got affected by the continuous rain and floods.


Though I know that internet here in Philippines is quite expensive but I think this is the most expensive dsl package that I have encountered since I have started using internet. Most of the big companies are giving dsl bundles with great speed but in Binan they are giving quite expensive dsl package which I think they should lower down the price for the sake of their consumers. Most of the people in Binan knew that it is impossible for other internet service providers such as PLDT, BAYANTEL etc. to enter Binan for some reason. Great speed + reasonable price  = customer satisfaction

I hope the bill filed by Senator Ralph Recto or recommendations of other Senators will be implemented soon. Philippines internet does need to be reformed, we are the only country that have slow internet with expensive fees!

For INTELCO BINAN, with all do your respect please make the people of Binan happy with your dsl service, have a reasonable price and give a good internet speed for your customers.



Typhoon “Glenda” struck Philippines

Typhoon glenda damage 1 Typhoon glenda damage 2 Typhoon glenda damage 3

Photos shown above are from Alabang and taken by my brother

I was a little worried when typhoon “Glenda” (named locally in Philippines) struck Philippines. I did not received any message from my wife the entire day and just worries me. I saw a lot of damages done by the Typhoon in different areas in the Philippines and even in Metro Manila strong wind struck and made damages in some parts of Metro Manila. I am glad that around 4PM my wife have replied and they were okay. May God bless and heal Philippines.

Hard decision but eventually might be the right one

Making-Tough-Choices-Hard-DecisionsSometimes we have to make a very tough decision in life without knowing if it might be the right choice or not. Now I am about to make a tough choice or decision that I have never done in my life. There might be consequences to face but I know God is on my side whatever might happen.

Leaving the job that I have done for 7 years is a tough decision and I need to think many times before making any decision. If I quit my job and go home to look for another job might be risky and will take  some time to find a job with good salary but in the other hand, maybe it is time for me to go back and be with my family. I don’t want to work in abroad forever and leave my family behind without watching my kid grow up.

My brother was telling me that there are lots of risk if I come home now, he told me that I should think carefully because I have a stable job already here in Taiwan and if I go back to Philippines to work I will start again with new career and new path of life and which is quite scary if I think about it.

I am glad that my wife supports me all the way even though she is quite scared on what the outcome might be. I think I should try going back to Philippines to work, I will never know if I don’t try it.

“The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”

David Russell

Things Tourists Should Know When Visiting Manila


There are many stuffs that tourists should know when visiting Manila. As all of you know, Manila is one of the congested city in Philippines. So what are the stuffs that tourists should know? I’ve lived in Manila since high school until college and I have experienced lots of things even there are bad experiences.

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