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Philippine Election 2016

Well..I was able to vote in Philippines once again and still the same old election style. Under the heat of the weather I need to find my precinct and after I found my precinct, I need to fall in long line to wait for my turn to vote. What I have observed in my voting area, people doesn’t have discipline on throwing trashes and you can see lots of trashes scattered, I think before desiring for any changes from the newly elected President we need to change ourselves or have self-discipline first.
I am not quite satisfied for the result in Binan but there’s nothing I can do about it, I just hope Dimaguila will do his job instead of wasting the taxpayer’s money. In National Election I am quite satisfied about the result.

partial election result

I would like to congratulate our new President Rody Duterte, we all have hope on you sir for the change that you’ve been talking about and please don’t disappoint us. As of now, I am still waiting for the Vice-President result because it seems like Robredo and Marcos race is tight.

God bless Philippines!

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