Rest in Peace Miriam Defensor Santiago

miriam-2016It’s sad when I saw the news today, isa sya sa mga tao na hinahangaan ko. Naging magandang halimbawa sya sa mga kabataan at sa mga kasama nya sa Senado. She never been linked to any corruption and she have dedicated her life to serve all Filipinos. Maiiba na ang senado na wala kayo and we will miss all your jokes. May you rest in peace Mam! Saludo kami sayo!

Paul’s blog fresh looks after 3 years

office cartoonIt’s been 3 years and it’s time to let my blog to have fresh looks, I have made some changes before I went to sleep last night. I changed my header image to animated gif, rearranged my widgets, changed all my font’s color, sizes and style and changed my background image. I also changed my back to top button to simple button. Continue reading →

Started Vaping

Celebration of Christmas and New Year is over and now it’s the beginning of a new year and I think I should also start to carry out one of my new year’s resolution, STOP SMOKING!. I have planned it for a very long time already to stop smoking but my will power just won’t let me. After researching I have found a way or an alternative to carry out my goal and that’s VAPING!

My Vape Mod

Bought my first Vape yesterday and the vendor advised to use Blended RY4 e-juice because I am still at the stage of starting to quit smoking.

As of now I think this can replace my habit on smoking and I hope this would really help me to quit smoking. Good luck to me and happy new year to all!

Intelco Rude CSR

Yesterday I received notification on my facebook that Intelco have replied to my earlier comment but I can’t believe my eyes when I saw what Intelco replied.

intelco comment


It is really rude to see what a CSR would reply to an unsatisfied customer like the picture shown above, I don’t know why NTC permitted Intelco to give expensive DSL service and as far as I know, this DSL service company is only sharing DSL of bayantel to the people of Binan, does bayantel know you are sharing their connection?

Anyway, Intelco immediately message me and apologize for the rude comment and explained that the comment is from another page and not from them.

intelco messageI immediately accepted their apology and I don’t want to escalate the issue. I really have doubts whether the comment is from other page or from one of their page admin. Well, I hope intelco or the owner of intelco will improve their DSL service in able to satisfy all the customers in Binan, Laguna or if they can’t improve their service, let other DSL provider to give their service in Binan and stop using politics influence to stop other providers from entering Binan.

Flood all over Philippines

san juan floodThough the typhoon known as Mario here in Philippines did not direct hit our country but the rain causes a flood in lot of areas all over the Philippine. Photo above taken in San Juan in Metro Manila in which the water is very high as of now. Let us all pray for the safety of the people who got affected by the continuous rain and floods.


Though I know that internet here in Philippines is quite expensive but I think this is the most expensive dsl package that I have encountered since I have started using internet. Most of the big companies are giving dsl bundles with great speed but in Binan they are giving quite expensive dsl package which I think they should lower down the price for the sake of their consumers. Most of the people in Binan knew that it is impossible for other internet service providers such as PLDT, BAYANTEL etc. to enter Binan for some reason. Great speed + reasonable price  = customer satisfaction

I hope the bill filed by Senator Ralph Recto or recommendations of other Senators will be implemented soon. Philippines internet does need to be reformed, we are the only country that have slow internet with expensive fees!

For INTELCO BINAN, with all do your respect please make the people of Binan happy with your dsl service, have a reasonable price and give a good internet speed for your customers.



Philippines Income Tax that kills


It is really crazy how the Philippines Government handle the income tax, I have worked in Taiwan and never had this much of income 32%??? I only pay 6% on my monthly tax with my basic salary and still can receive tax refund even if I filed family support on my tax filing. Shame on our government, it is OK for paying this much of tax if we can see any changes in our economy but is there any changes? I am living in Binan and needs to drive to work to Paranaque everyday and I only travels few kilometers in highway but needs to pay a lot of toll fee, is this reasonable? I think we are the only country that needs to pay expensive toll fees whether you are in NLEX or SLEX which is killing those who are driving on those highway. Taiwan is a progressive country but never collected this kind of excessive fees. It seems like we are working our ass off and letting the government to have our hard earned money every month. Philippines Government should think about this and reform this kind of crazy stuffs that are making the Filipinos suffer.

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