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Paul’s blog fresh looks after 3 years

office cartoonIt’s been 3 years and it’s time to let my blog to have fresh looks, I have made some changes before I went to sleep last night. I changed my header image to animated gif, rearranged my widgets, changed all my font’s color, sizes and style and changed my background image. I also changed my back to top button to simple button.Why I made these changes?

  • Previous background and header image is to large and it affects my page loading time.
  • Changed my font’s color to make it more readable
  • Changed my font’s style, nothing much to say and I just want to 🙂
  • Rearranged and added affiliation widget, for easy access and hope to earn a little bit profit from affiliation program to keep my site running 🙂

That’s all, if you guys have any suggestions to make my site look better feel free to comment below. Thank you!


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