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Philippines Income Tax that kills


It is really crazy how the Philippines Government handle the income tax, I have worked in Taiwan and never had this much of income 32%??? I only pay 6% on my monthly tax with my basic salary and still can receive tax refund even if I filed family support on my tax filing. Shame on our government, it is OK for paying this much of tax if we can see any changes in our economy but is there any changes? I am living in Binan and needs to drive to work to Paranaque everyday and I only travels few kilometers in highway but needs to pay a lot of toll fee, is this reasonable? I think we are the only country that needs to pay expensive toll fees whether you are in NLEX or SLEX which is killing those who are driving on those highway. Taiwan is a progressive country but never collected this kind of excessive fees. It seems like we are working our ass off and letting the government to have our hard earned money every month. Philippines Government should think about this and reform this kind of crazy stuffs that are making the Filipinos suffer.

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