Almost had an car accident 3 years ago

I have found my video where I almost had an car accident 3 years ago while on my way to the airport here in Taiwan. Luckily I was able to prevent the accident and no one got hurt, I don’t know why there are people who are taking risk to violate traffic regulations and doesn’t think about the safety of others on the road.

Understanding The Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA)

dreamAuthor: Atty. Paul Cornelius Castillo

Over the weekend, chances are you received a message -either through SMS, Viber, Facebook or other means- warning of a new law that seeks to curb distracted driving in the Philippines.

Reports state that The Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA) lapsed into law last 21 July 2016, pursuant to the Constitutional provision that a bill presented to the President becomes law if not signed within thirty (30) days upon receipt. ADDA addresses a void in legislation, common place in the race between technology and regulation, where technology almost always outpaces legislation. ADDA serves to help avoid destruction caused by driver distraction.

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Rains after Car Wash

car washLast Sunday I decided to have Dream washed up because it’s been raining for a week and never have chance to clean Dream. Finally sun came out on great Sunday so I brought our baby Dream to the nearest car wash. It’s been hot the entire day until the weather suddenly change and it is slowly turning dark. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? Anyway, maybe I will just wash it by myself as the weather is not stable yet so that I will not waste any money..hahaha.

Our New Family Member “DREAM”

DreamI and my have always been talking about buying a car and we finally decided to buy one for our family, we named it “Dream”. Having a car is one of our dream and it finally came true! Our Dream came just right on my birthday and we have celebrated my birthday driving Dream for the 1st time as well. I’ve always talking to our car that be good to us and never let anything to happen to us (is it silly?hehe). Anyway, we are planning to have Dream blessed as we believe that it will prevent us from any harm.

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