Taiwan Mid-Autumn Festival Barbecue Party 2016

bbq partyEvery year Taiwan is celebrating mid-autumn festival or it is also called moon cake festival. May tradition din sila mag barbecue before or sa araw mismo ng Mid-Autumn festival. At syempre there are lot of workers who are expecting their festival bonus kagaya ako..hehe. Continue reading →

My Little Sister’s Birthday!

donna's birthdayToday is my little sister’s (in the middle)  birthday though she’s not little anymore but still in our hearts she will always the little sister that we’ve seen growing up throughout the years. Time passed by so quick and I really can’t imagine that she is already 27. I have always been proud of her on her achievements, she graduated from nursing school and have great talent on playing music instruments.  I will always be her number 1 when she is at the stage performing. I wish and pray that she will fulfill her dreams and achieves all the things she wanted in life.

Having fun with family in Taiwan


Well..this took place last week during our day-off, it is once in a blue moon that we can meet and go out together to have some fun. All of us are busy at work and have different working schedule but despite of that we still can go out together when all of us are available. I and my sis both of us have some things in common, we love to eat and have some beers afterwards. I really do love hanging out at bar with them especially when my sis gets to perform at the stage or jam at the stage. I am a proud brother when she goes up the stage and start playing bass guitar, how I wish I can play any instrument or sing! hahaha. I will surely miss them when I get back to Philippines.

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