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Taiwan Mid-Autumn Festival Barbecue Party 2016

bbq partyEvery year Taiwan is celebrating mid-autumn festival or it is also called moon cake festival. May tradition din sila mag barbecue before or sa araw mismo ng Mid-Autumn festival. At syempre there are lot of workers who are expecting their festival bonus kagaya ako..hehe.We held an barbecue party sponsored by us (di kasi nagbigay ng budget ang company para outside our office yesterday at nagpaka busog sa amin mga ginastos at syempre may konting beer sponsored by some of our colleagues family who have joined us.

bbq partybbq partySorry about the pictures because it was taken from my cheap, i had a great time although may konting gulo because one of my colleague got drunk pero naayos naman dahil ako ang taga awat (dinaan ko sa laki). Happy Mid-Autumn festival to all the Filipinos in Taiwan!

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