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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: My Personal Review

I have been looking for a new or not so new phone (2nd hand) that doesn’t cost much and my colleagues offered me a phone that can be paid in installment. The first time I laid my hand on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge I immediately fell in love with it, it looks classy with its gold color and curve edges, it is not too large which can be held by people with big or small hands and the specifications is spectacular.

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Full specification of this phone can be found here

I guess most of you who have already owned this phone feels the same way that I do but there are some minor glitches with this phone, here are some minor glitches:

  1. Built-in battery with only 2600mAh (you might need to bring along power bank to keep your phone alive until you get home). For me it usually last from 7:30AM to 4:00PM with minimal usage.
  2. Storage is not expandable (Mine is 32GB which is enough for me because I don’t usually store music or videos on my phone, if you want to have more space you can purchase an OTG usb)

I guess for me above are the things that I dislike about the phone, anyway it’s a power phone and I love it!

Any thoughts about this phone? You can share it by commenting below! Ciao!

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