How to solve puff box misfire problem

I have misfires problem since I bought my acrylic puff box as I have mentioned from my earlier blog post, I have searched solution from different group from facebook. I have mentioned on my earlier post that misfires problem were solved by cleaning it with metal polish but it seems like it only last for 2 days and it will misfires again. I found a solution and it really works, thank you for the dude who told me how to solve the misfires issue.


Buy sand paper with thin grit, disassemble your firing button and on the button you will see magnets attached to it. Just grit a little on the magnet and brass parts, slight scratch only and don’t grit it hard. The purpose for this so that it will produce friction on it. Assemble it and try if it still misfires, that’s it! I still polish mine when I think it needed already.

I hope I have help you guys solve the misfires issue on you puff box! cheers!

Pinoy Puff Box/Puff Box Review

I am so excited when I decided to have this box, saw an ad on the net while surfing and I think the price is reasonable so I decided to try it out. When I first tested the box it doesn’t have any issue and I thought it would satisfy my vaping needs. But after I have few puffs I had a problem with the firing, it misfires when I press on the middle of the button but if I fire on the side of the button it fires normally. I tried to seek some help on some of the group I joined and I found out some of them also have this kind of puff box and have the same issue as mine. One of them advised to clean the firing button using metal polish. The next day I tried cleaning it by myself even I had a hard time assembling it again (newbie).

My friend told me that this puff box were made in China and imported by a person or business owner from Tayuman. I contacted the supplier and they are willing to take a look on the box and hopefully they could fix it.


Time to test fire, it works! I am testing it until now but it still misfires sometimes. Based on my observation, the culprit of this problem might be the magnetic firing switch installed and I hope I can find someone who have the same switch size and replace it with a better one.


For those who owns the same puff box that I have, I hope my experience can help you on finding the answer on puff box misfiring problem.

Honda Wave 125s won’t start after washing

After having my motorcycle fixed I decided to wash it but after washing and kick-start it, it runs for a while and went dead. I kick-start it again and it just won’t start. I sms my mechanic and he said that the water might went into the carburetor and just kick-start it until it starts. I kick-start it for a long time but nothing happened, the next day I decided to drain the gas in the carburetor and bought a brand new spark plug. After draining the gas, I kick-start it again but still won’t start and I replace the old spark plug, I kick-start it again for about 3 times and it started! Well..this is the first time for me to troubleshoot a motorcycle and I am glad I was successful to troubleshoot it. I hope this could help those motorcycle owners that met the same problem. Ciao!

Fun Time with family

This weekend we went home to our province to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and the next day we went to places in Tarlac which we have a lot of fun together. We had mass at Monasteryo de Tarlac we have roamed around the place and I can say that it is a beautiful place.

Tarlac Bonding 2015-4

Though I and my wife relationship have up and down but aside from those quarrels and misunderstanding we still managed to stay strong and kept our faith.








There is nothing compare to the joy with family and I hope the bonds between my sisters and brother will stay strong even there are times we do have things that we fight about. Thank you Mom for everything and we love you so much.

Tarlac Bonding 2015-29


My first coil build on my vape atomizer

I always wonders how to build my vape coil and today I tried it. First I tried to make dual parallel with 4 wraps build but I think my mod were unable to handle it and it is heating up. I tried another build which I use dual coil with 7 wraps. It is successful for me because my mod doesn’t heat up and the vapor coming from my atty is nice. Well..I can say that I’m satisfied with my first build.

dual coil build

Started Vaping

Celebration of Christmas and New Year is over and now it’s the beginning of a new year and I think I should also start to carry out one of my new year’s resolution, STOP SMOKING!. I have planned it for a very long time already to stop smoking but my will power just won’t let me. After researching I have found a way or an alternative to carry out my goal and that’s VAPING!

My Vape Mod

Bought my first Vape yesterday and the vendor advised to use Blended RY4 e-juice because I am still at the stage of starting to quit smoking.

As of now I think this can replace my habit on smoking and I hope this would really help me to quit smoking. Good luck to me and happy new year to all!

Magmahal habang tayo ay nabubuhay pa


Ito ay aking unang blog na tagalog at sana ay magustuhan niyo. Minsan ang buhay na hiniram natin di natin alam kung kelan babawiin ng Diyos, sa mga nakaraang linggo at araw may mga pangyayari sa buhay namin mag-asawa na di inaasahan. Ang una ang biglaan pagkawala ng Ama ng aking asawa at pagkatapos ng libing pagkaraan ng ilang araw ang kapatid naman ng aking byenan ang pumanaw. Kaya habang tayo ay buhay pa at buhay pa mga mahal natin sa buhay ay bigyan sila ng halaga at pagmamahal at di natin alam kung kelan sila kukunin ng Diyos o kelan tayo kukunin.

Pahalagahan ang bawat isa para di magsisi kapag ang mahal natin sa buhay ay bigla mawala. Naranasan ko na mawalan ng mahal ko sa buhay at di man lang ako nakapagsabi kung gaano ko sila kamahal. Ngayon ang Mama ko nalang ang natitira sa amin at hangga’t maaari ay ipaparamdam ko kung gaano ko sya kamahal.

Minsan nakakatakot marinig ang salitang kamatayan dahil di na natin makikita ang mahal natin sa buhay pero alam ko sila ay andyan parin para bantayan ka hanggang sa huling hininga natin at sa pagkikita sa buhay na walang hanggan

Sana may natutunan kayo sa akin, ang buhay ay maikli lang at di natin alam kung hanggang kailan ito. Mahalin natin ang isa’t isa lalo na mga magulang natin.