Farewell 2013

2013 is coming to an end and there are a lot of things and events that have happened in my life during this year. I wish next year in the year of the horse which is my year God will shower me with more blessings as well as my family. I hope all my dreams would come true in 2014. May all of you have a prosperous new year! Thank you Lord for another year.

Getting ready to travel tomorrow

It’s been a busy day, I only have a 30 minutes rest for the day due to my hectic schedules for the day. I went out 8:30am in the morning and came back 8:30pm in the evening. I am so exhausted today but after work I still need to finish writing all my reports and computation of my gas. I finished all my task about 10pm and afterwards I checked all my stuffs for tomorrow if I have forgotten something.

I think I haven’t forgotten the stuffs I need to bring..hope so..hehe. Really excited for tomorrow, I will be seeing my son and wife again! Thank you Lord for all the blessings this year and I hope more blessings to come next year.