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Namecheap shared hosting review

namecheap-hdRecently I transferred from hostmetro which have hosted my site for 3 years, it’s sad to go but due to my tight budget nowadays I needed to find a much cheaper host but reliable. I heave read a lot of good reviews about namecheap and my domain were also registered with namecheap for 3 years already. So why did I choose Namecheap? The reason why I chose Namecheap is because of their initial charge is affordable which is $9.88 for the 1st year but the downside is their quite pricey renewal price which is $38.88.

I managed to find a coupon that gave me about $2 of discount and I was able to lessen my expenses for this. My Value share hosting comes with 20G SSD accelerated disk space, unlimited bandwidth and I can also add up to 3 domains. I think 20G of space is good enough for me because I don’t usually upload pictures and only write stuffs that’s on my mind but if your site have lot of files I think this is not for you. Why I think 20G is enough? I ran my blog for 3 years already and I only have consumed 2G+ space only that’s why I think this is enough.

What are the difference between Hostmetro and Namecheap?

After moving to Namecheap I have few concerns that I needed help with and their online support was amazing and have helped me resolved it in just few minutes, On Hostmetero I do have some bad experience contacting their online support before such as unable to connect with their support and their support ticket is not quite  good but after a year I noticed that their online support have improved and I was able to connect immediately, good job on that Hostmetro.

What else?

My site loading speed have improved unlike before, in a shared hosting don’t expect too much but Namecheap proved it wrong and they can compete with large hosting companies such as hostgator or godaddy.


Namecheap is worth to try specially those who have blog sites like I do, I will not put up a banner for affiliation if I am not satisfied with their service. For those who have budget you can sign-up with large hosting that I have mentioned or just google it and they are offering affordable packages  with unlimited disk space for short and long terms (36 months or so).

For those who would like to try out Namecheap please click on my affiliation banner on the right side of my site and thank you for taking time to read my review.

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