Is Teamgroup L7 Evo 120GB a good SSD?

ssd teamgroup l7 evo

I bought this SSD to upgrade my old laptop few months ago but few weeks ago it suddenly stopped working. I tried to boot up but it says that can’t find any system disk, I tried to test it by connecting it to another computer but it can’t be detected so I doubted that the SSD have problem. I sent it back to Teamgroup for repair and came back yesterday with a new one. I guess the durability of this SSD is in doubt whether it can be used for a long time unlike other SSD manufacturer. My desktop computer uses kingston for 3 years already if my memory serves me right and I didn’t had any problem with it. Those who have bought this SSD did you guys encountered any problem like I did?

Fixing my old laptop cooling fan – ASUS N51VF


After I have arrived here in Taiwan, I have used my laptop as means of my entertainment to get rid of boredom during my rest days. I don’t usually go out unless there is money in my pocket or I need to buy something. While using my old laptop which I bought 6 years ago I noticed that there is a weird sound coming from my laptop and at first I didn’t mind it at all and continue using it but as time goes by the sound is getting louder and it is very irritating. Continue reading →

Upgraded my old laptop HDD to SSD with TeamGroup L7 EVO SSD

TeamGroup L7 EvoI have been thinking to upgrade my old laptop that can make it run a little faster, I bought it about 6 years ago and at that time this laptop is great but now it doesn’t worth much. It’s an ASUS N51VF laptop and still loving it even it’s old already. I bought an SSD online with cheap price for NT$1090 and it seems nice for a low price SSD, below are the specs of this SSD. Continue reading →

Windows Hardware Reserved Problem Solved

Lately I was wondering why the heck my computer shows that I only have 3.95 usable memory, I searched some forums and youtube but still can’t find the answer. I entered my bios and it seems it has detected my 24GB memory. When I take a look at my motherboard I realized that the slots have blue and black color, I have 1 pair of 8GB memory and 1 pair of 4GB memory and I reseated my 8GB to the blue slots while 4GB on the black slot and powered up my computer. Problem fixed! Now my windows can detect all 24GB memory!

There might be some other causes but you can find other solutions on google if this one doesn’t work for you. Ciao!

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