Will you spend money to buy IPHONE 6?

Iphone 6

Iphone 6 just came out few days ago and people are going crazy and fall in a long line to buy this product. For me, I was never a fan of Iphone ever since but lots of people are buying it even with an expensive price. Just saw the price from the net today and got shocked for the price, Iphone plus 16G for P107,190? come on? are you guys serious to buy this phone? get real! Nowadays there are a lot of smart phone that works better than iphone 6 and with higher specs. With 100k in my pocket I can buy a lot of stuffs for my family already. Well this is only my opinion but if you have money or rich you can go ahead and buy one Iphone 6 and I have nothing against it..after all..it is your money not mine 🙂 peace! ciao!

Flood all over Philippines

san juan floodThough the typhoon known as Mario here in Philippines did not direct hit our country but the rain causes a flood in lot of areas all over the Philippine. Photo above taken in San Juan in Metro Manila in which the water is very high as of now. Let us all pray for the safety of the people who got affected by the continuous rain and floods.


Though I know that internet here in Philippines is quite expensive but I think this is the most expensive dsl package that I have encountered since I have started using internet. Most of the big companies are giving dsl bundles with great speed but in Binan they are giving quite expensive dsl package which I think they should lower down the price for the sake of their consumers. Most of the people in Binan knew that it is impossible for other internet service providers such as PLDT, BAYANTEL etc. to enter Binan for some reason. Great speed + reasonable price  = customer satisfaction

I hope the bill filed by Senator Ralph Recto or recommendations of other Senators will be implemented soon. Philippines internet does need to be reformed, we are the only country that have slow internet with expensive fees!

For INTELCO BINAN, with all do your respect please make the people of Binan happy with your dsl service, have a reasonable price and give a good internet speed for your customers.



Mobile Network Prefixes in The Philippines 2014

Map_of_Philippines_(en)I have wondered what are the network operator that I am calling when my boss ask me to call someone here in Philippines and aside from wondering I am also worried it will cost some money if  called other network. After searching from the internet, I found a list of mobile network prefixes here  Philippines. Continue reading →

Rains after Car Wash

car washLast Sunday I decided to have Dream washed up because it’s been raining for a week and never have chance to clean Dream. Finally sun came out on great Sunday so I brought our baby Dream to the nearest car wash. It’s been hot the entire day until the weather suddenly change and it is slowly turning dark. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? Anyway, maybe I will just wash it by myself as the weather is not stable yet so that I will not waste any money..hahaha.

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