Free webhost for wordpress site

Recently I have updated a site that I have created for our group using the free webhost available online. I used to run the website of FILMAN Language Services on wordpress but I find it lack of functionality such as installing plugins unlike if you have wordpress installed. After searching on google I found 000webhost and it is free and wordpress can be installed, I have tried it and also got a free domain for FILMAN Language Services.



While setting up wordpress the connection lost once in a while and I don’t know why, I need to wait for a few minutes for it to come back online. I don’t expect too much for this host because it is free to use and this is ideal for those who are learning to use wordpress and I totally recommends it but if you are going to use it for business I won’t recommend using this. Anyway, I am using it for business temporarily and we still need to discuss about buying a domain and webhost to grow business.



Downgrade and renew my namecheap hosting

Another year have passed and it is time  to renew my webhost, I am using shared hosting of Namecheap for a few year already and it cost me $38.88 every year to renew it. Recently I have noticed that they have changed their webhost package name and price is much lesser than Value 4G package that I have been using and I immediately contacted the support if it is possible to change my current package to their new Stellar package, the thing that I appreciated using Namecheap is fast response of their support and support said that I can directly downgrade my current package to stellar package and all downgrades are prorate, any balance from my existing plan will be carried over to my Namecheap funds that may be used to settle the next generated invoice or pay for any other services with them (I received $1 plus LoL) and paid $24.88 for one year (current 20% off promo for one year subscription)


I am satisfied using Namecheap as my hosting and domain provider compare to other webhost service that I have used, didn’t have any problem encountered and they can also solve any problem I have escalated. Anyway, I personally would recommend Namecheap.

Yamaha Majesty 125 old parts replacement

It is not easy to maintain a second-hand old scooter which needs a lot of love and effort, mine is 2003 model which is 15 years already and so it does need to replace lot of parts to keep it running longer. I have joined lot of majesty 125 group here in Taiwan and here are the list that they recommended to replace that can help extend the life of your old majesty 125.

  1. Radiator, Radiator Fan and hoses – it may be clogged already, water going in and out will not be the same.
  2. Full harness – wires inside some might have already broke off
  3. Thermostat – it have been used for 10 years it is about time to replace for a new one
  4. Ignition switch – some people have a habit of having lot of keys that’s why ignition switch may get damaged (loose contact)
  5. Ignition coil – it’s been 10 years and the efficiency will decrease as well, replace it to enhance ignition efficiency
  6. CDI – electronic parts unable to predict when it will break off which won’t make you at ease, replacing it after 10 years it makes sense
  7. CVK 30 (carburetor) – there are a lot of people replacing the original BS26 carburetor to CVK 30 to eliminate unnecessary problem and also can increase a little power
  8. Stator – replace it after 10 years is reasonable, i have encountered that my bike won’t start and after checking it is the problem of the stator
  9. Water pump – it may stopped working suddenly and coolant might get into the engine, you may refurbish it with repair kit or replace it for brand new to last longer

Above I have replaced radiator, thermostat and stator. While I was driving around I saw my coolant were leaking and after having it checked my radiator just gave up because it is leaking directly from the radiator (in Philippines it can still be repaired, here in Taiwan they replace it with new parts directly). I have replaced stator as well, when I was going to use my bike it wasn’t able to start may it be electric or kick-start. I hope this helps.

Here is a link of my vehicle record HERE

majesty 125 radiator

IOS 11.3 battery health feature

Recently Apple have released a major update IOS 11.3 and one of the function added is battery health feature in which you can monitor the health of your battery whether it need to be replaced.  But the feature doesn’t work with replacement battery (not original apple  battery) and it doesn’t show the health of your battery. There is a way that you can monitor your battery health which is by downloading an apps called “BATTERY LIFE” and it works perfectly on my phone. I guess those who have replacement battery like I do will not enjoy this feature 🙁


Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7

I was trying to reformat my old laptop but it fails whenever I install the driver for PCI memory or Intel Turbo Memory, it hangs when I restart my laptop. Tried lot of version of Windows 10 that I can find online but it all fails on the said driver, it runs well if I don’t install the driver but for me it seems weird if I don’t install the driver because I don’t like seeing devices with question mark on device manager.


I decided to downgrade to Windows 7 and it runs perfectly without any problem after installing Intel Turbo Memory driver, i think the driver doesn’t support Windows 10 that’s why it hangs or freezes on Windows 10 logo.

Fastest internet provider in Philippines

Just researched a while ago for the fastest internet provider in Philippines by Netflix Index, well..Philippines still need to improve its internet speed specially mobile internet in which most of the people uses nowadays on their smart phone. I really hope that the internet speed in Philippines will improve in the future and have a better provider.

Philippines internet