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Quick Recipe: Filipino (low-cost) nilagang baboy

nilagang baboyIt’s weekend again and I need to think what to cook for my lunch and dinner, so today I have cooked Filipino dish nilagang baboy (low-cost or low budget) style. Why low-cost? my budget is limited so I need to find a way to cut down my expenses..hahaha.


Pork (cube cut and the amount depends on how many servings)


Potato (1 piece)


Cooking oil

Salt (I don’t have fish sauce so I use salt)



I usually fry the onion first then throw in the pork and fry it for 3 to 4 minutes, add 2 cups of water and boil the pork until it became soft. Add salt and taste it if it is enough then add pepper, throw in the potato then boil it until it became soft then lastly throw in the cabbage (I usually like to eat it half cook). You’re done! it suppose to have “Saba” it’s a banana but hard to find here but I can replace it with sweet corn but I am in low budget so I didn’t buy sweet corn 🙂

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