Good People Will Never Be Forgotten

Lions HeartI found this post somewhere around the web which really touches my heart. The lady as you can see on the picture she found this lion at the forest injured and half dead, she took the lion home for treatment and as soon as the lion recovers, the lady sent the lion to the zoo hoping for the lion to have a good home and be happy. As she visited the lion, the lion recognized her and gave her a big hug like a little kitty.

This story gives us a lesson, if we do good deeds to others it will never be forgotten forever.

My Little Sister’s Birthday!

donna's birthdayToday is my little sister’s (in the middle)  birthday though she’s not little anymore but still in our hearts she will always the little sister that we’ve seen growing up throughout the years. Time passed by so quick and I really can’t imagine that she is already 27. I have always been proud of her on her achievements, she graduated from nursing school and have great talent on playing music instruments.  I will always be her number 1 when she is at the stage performing. I wish and pray that she will fulfill her dreams and achieves all the things she wanted in life.

Missing MIRC Days

I started chatting at MIRC around 2007 if my memory serves me right and used the handle cY_cOoL for a long time, it all started the first time to have computer (Pentium II PC) of my own and have internet at home for the first time. That time we are still using dial-up in able to connect to internet and the fastest speed that we can get is 56kbps (imagine how slow it was compares to nowadays). Ok..let us start by defining what is MIRC..


mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by millions of people, and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on IRC networks around the world. Serving the Internet community for over a decade, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of technology. Continue reading →

Paul’s Blog 1st Year on the web

Paul blog Year 1Finally! It’s my blog first year on the net! I started publishing my blog a year ago and wondering if it’s going to last for a year or so.  I just really enjoy writing things that interest me and the experiences that I have been through. Well..I hope more years to come on my blog and I hope I can still afford the hosting after my hosting provider expires. Well..still have 2 years contract on my hosting provider and I hope those 2 years I can still write lots of interesting stuffs. Thank you for those who are visiting my blog! Maraming salamat sa inyo! God bless!

Having fun with family in Taiwan


Well..this took place last week during our day-off, it is once in a blue moon that we can meet and go out together to have some fun. All of us are busy at work and have different working schedule but despite of that we still can go out together when all of us are available. I and my sis both of us have some things in common, we love to eat and have some beers afterwards. I really do love hanging out at bar with them especially when my sis gets to perform at the stage or jam at the stage. I am a proud brother when she goes up the stage and start playing bass guitar, how I wish I can play any instrument or sing! hahaha. I will surely miss them when I get back to Philippines.

How to root almost any Android phones using Towelroot

rooted LG D838

I have looked for quite a while on how to root my LG G PRO 2 D838, I finally found an easy way and doesn’t even need a PC in able to root my device.


1. first go to your settings –> security –> enable unknown resources (tick to enable)

2. Open you android device browser and go to Towelroot and download the apk for rooting your device

3. Run Towelroot and after installation (it takes few seconds and your device will reboot automatically)

4. After device rebooted, verify if your device have root access using apps such as Root Checker and if have successfully rooted your device it will show the picture attached above.


This rooting method is for devices running Android Kitkat 4.4+ and there are devices are unable to root using this method such as HTC One M8, Moto E, Moto G and HTC One Mini.

It will also void your warranty if you root your device, so think twice before you root you device. The Towelroot gives automatic access to any apps and you should install management apps such as SuperSU to prevent major security risk.


Finally Made Up My Mind

made my decisionAfter I have thought for a while I finally made up my mind and finalized my decision for leaving my job and go back to Philippines to try working there. Just talked to my manager today and told her my plan to quit my job and my reasons. She understood my plans although she tried to stop me but I told her I just want to try working in Philippines and as well as be with my family. I also told her that this is a really hard decision for me leaving the company that I have worked for 4 years but sometimes people need to make a tough decision for the sake of family. If someday I am not lucky enough to find a job that will cover our expenses I might consider going back here.

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