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Vaping in Taiwan: Worth it or not for Pinoy OFW?

vape juiceThose Pinoy OFW who are vaping should have second thought whether to vape in Taiwan or not. In Taiwan vaping is not legal yet but there are already vape stores in some areas. If you are looking for juices that contains nicotine I guess you might have a hard time finding one. I went to a vape store yesterday and I was looking for juice that have nicotine, the staff told me in Taiwan juices contains nicotine were considered illegal and it breaks my might also consider the price, juices here were sold NT$700 and up which is around PHP1000+ for a 30ml juice, most of the juices sold at the vape shops here are imported from U.S., Japan and Germany. Where to find cheaper juice? You can consider joining facebook group such as Pinoy Vapers in Taiwan, there are some members are selling juices from Philippines but it will still be a little bit pricey. Juices that you can buy it in Philippines for around 200 to 300 pesos, they are selling it here around 400 to 500 and that is around 580+ to 700+ in pesos.

Well..if you think the price here is acceptable and you can afford it then go ahead and but as for me..I am already having second thought about vaping here due to the pricey juices and my limited budget. I might try to quit vaping completely to save more money.


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