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WordPress page slow loading problem resolved

slow loadingI was having trouble this morning when I navigated to my blog post page, my blog page loaded in almost 30 secs. which is very unacceptable. I took a look on my plugins and tried disabling some of my plugin that might cause the slow loading of my page but no luck at all.It has puzzled my mind while I am driving to work, I thought maybe my posts on my blog post are too much (8 posts displayed) so I have lessen it to 5 post. I tried loading my blog post page once again and it returned to normal page load time. It took less than a second to load. Later I found out it was actually my youtube video posted on the page that slowed down my page loading time, I disabled my youtube plugin and paste the actual link on my post and let wordpress to handle it to embed my youtube video, it works and load time is normal.

I installed A3 lazy load as recommended by lot of people and it works like a charm! all of my pages loading time became faster! Actually I first installed lazy load for video but somehow it conflicts with WP Super Cache that’s why I switched to A3 lazy load and it does an amazing job both on images and videos. I hope this can help those who encountered the same problem that I had.

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