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Paul’s blog is now secured with SSL certificate installed

Security-SSCertificates-Comodo-LogoYesterday I have purchased and installed SSL through Cpanel, I thought installing SSL will be very easy but I am wrong. I have encountered some problems while trying to run my site with SSL installed such as Cloudflare problem, my SSL will not run if cloudflare is enabled so I need to  disable cloudflare.Ok, now cloudflare were disabled and I was able to run my site with “https” and I was expecting to have green light on “Https” but it didn’t appear so I need to find the answer again from google. I am running wordpress but I need to do some stuffs and add some plugins in able to see the green light, some of my widgets also affected while running SSL so I need to remove them.

For those who are encountering problems using SSL on wordpress, you can comment below or send me a message, I might be able to help you after all the troubles that I have been through I might be able to answer your questions..LoL

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