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Vacation Hangover


After having a few relaxing days I still feels lazy to go back to work and still want to lay down and sleep like a dead dog..hahaha.
Just had a few days rest for the moon festival here in Taiwan and had some relaxing time for myself. Watch TV, slept the whole day and of course I also had a few drinks with my sister-in-law. I might also have gained some weights during the holiday, I and my roommate keeps on eating good foods during those days and it keeps our boredom away by eating lot of stuffs.. LOL.
Monday came and still don’t feels like going back to work but I need to or else I won’t earn any money..hahaha. Well.. really had a great rest during the holidays and looking forward for the next holidays.  I think it might be Christmas and New Year where I will be spending it in Philippines with my wife and kid.

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