Prayers of this year 2014

Lord thank you for all the blessings that you have given to me for the past years.
Thank you for the good health of my family and I pray that the beginning of this year will be a great year for our family.
Lord bless us this year with more blessings and give me the strength to conquer all trials that will be coming.
Forgive me for all the sins I’ve done and help me to become a better man.
Lord please help me to meet my dreams for my family.
Thank you again Lord for the life that you have lend me.
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen.

Busy days after vacation

After coming back from my vacation in Philippines, it’s been restless days at work. Beginning of new year has been really busy but i hope it’s a good and prosperous new for my family. It’s year of the wooden horse and it’s my birth year, I hope everything will went well this year and I wish my prayers can be answered. New Year! New Life! May God bless us all!

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