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Transferred to my new host: my blog continues for a year

moving hostI am glad that my blog were able to continue for a year, I found this shared host with affordable starting price for a year so I decided to give it a try. My host is NameCheap and they have been in business for quite a while right now and they are known for Domain registration before they started hosting service. My domain were registered with them for several years right now and I didn’t have any problem with their service.

I have setup my wordpress a while ago, I transferred all my files from my old host and I encountered a little problem with cloudflare but NameCheap live support was able to help me and I must say that their live support is great and what I love the most is their support knowledge base which I find it very helpful.

I will have my full review on this host after a few days! Paul’s Blog Year 4! Yeah! Ciao!

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