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My journey on Linux and Windows




Recently I was trying to use Linux once again and it’s been decade since the last time I have used linux, nowadays linux is much easier to install and configure unlike back in the days which is pain in the ass to install linux. It doesn’t have GUI based installer and need to partition your disk manually but now you just need few clicks and your linux machine will be up and running. I have been searching linux distros which will suit my needs and will not have any error message when I boot up, there are lots of great distro out there but I chose to install DEEPIN which has beautiful desktop environment. I have used it for more than a week but I feels that something is still missing and I am not contented.


Anyway Linux is great and can run most of the software I am using in windows and most of all it is light weight and it will run great in old computers. Due to some of the things I am looking for and Linux was not able to provide and also graphics driver issue on my old laptop I have decided to go back to windows 10. I guess I am used to using windows though windows 10 have some issues regarding to privacy. I removed all the bloatware that comes with windows 10 and tweaked a little bit to suit my needs. I will go back to Linux once I have a new desktop or maybe I will just dual-boot.

What are your thoughts about linux? Which distro you are using? Feel free to comment below! Ciao!


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