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Japan Escapade

It’s been quite a while since I have updated my blog, my schedules has been hectic after our tour in Japan. It really drives me nuts nowadays on my job but still need to work for money. Well..let me talk about my Japan escapade now. Japan is a beautiful place, very clean compare to Taiwan but I did not get used to their foods. I had some bad experiences on our way to Japan and during our stay in Japan. On the first day I was so excited because I have been waiting for that day and it is my first trip to another country aside from Taiwan and Philippines. Upon arriving in the airport, the tour guide gave us our passport and our boarding pass and upon opening my passport I was surprised because my passport pages has fallen off from the passport cover.


The tour guide told me that it might have fallen off when they checked in at the counter but I really doubt it and I think it has fallen off because of the free passport cover they have put on. I started to get worry that I might not be able to passed the immigration due to my damaged passport. I had no problem upon exiting Taiwan but when I arrived in Japan, trouble came along. I got stopped and questioned by their immigration due to my damaged passport and they took it to their office (I think they are going to verify the legitimacy of my passport). They asked me to wait and I began thinking and worries that I might not be able go get into Japan, my dreams would start to fall into pieces if that happens. They came out and gave me back my passport and let me enter Japan. I was so thankful that time and wanted to shout out loud “Japan here I come!”.

Ok..second day of my stay in Japan, I went to the hotel’s buffet to have breakfast with my colleagues and my colleague saw a room card key and asked me to pick it up and return to the counter later on. When I was about to finish my meal, one of my colleague called my name and ask me to bring out the room card, so I did..but surprisingly the old Japanese man forcing his hand in my pocket and trying to get my wallet. I got shocked and surprised for what he did, I gave my wallet and he took a look at it and my colleagues asked him to return it to me. We are trying to explain it to him that we found the room card on the floor but I don’t know if he understands us. Later on we learned that he lost his wallet and he thinks that I was the one who took it. What a rude Japanese old guy, he almost ruined my day. Well..I have let that incident go and tried to enjoy the rest of the day.

DSC_0066Above is the view from our hotel window, it’s a beautiful sight and this is the place where we will be visiting on our last day “The Nagoya Castle”. We have been to lot of beautiful places and mostly are scenic places such as okuhida, tateyama kurobe, kurobe dam and more. Those places are so beautiful and I would  like to bring my family at those places when I get a chance.

DSC_0116Though our second day in Japan the weather is not quite good but we still managed to go to the places that were in our schedule.

moonDSC_0480Above are some of the photos taken during my stay in Japan, for more photos please go to my gallery page and my photography page. What can I say about my 5 days stay in Japan..hmm..WORTH IT! Even I ran into troubles but I still enjoyed every moment on my stay in Japan. I have fulfilled my dreams on going to Japan.

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