First post for 2018

This my first post for this year, last year I went back to Philippines to take a short vacation to see my beloved wife and kids and after coming back to Taiwan I have been quite busy on my job.

Christmas 2018Christmas 2018Christmas 2018

I was able to be with my Mom as well as my sister and brother and also have visited my home town Victoria, Tarlac but there still still stuffs that I wanted to do but I don’t have enough time and I hope I will be able to do all the stuffs I wanted to do on my next vacation.



Philippines Christmas Vacation 2017


In a few days I will be going back to Philippines for vacation to spend Christmas and New Year! Medyo excited na ako at mahigit isang taon narin ako di nakakauwi at makasama ang pamilya ko. Well..ganito talaga ang buhay OFW at minsan lang sa isang taon para makasama ang pamilya. Anyway, I am really excited for my upcoming vacation! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you!

Mom visits Taiwan after more than 2 decades

I am really happy that my mom was able to visit Taiwan again after more than 2 decades, it was her dream to visit Taiwan again and see her old friends and visit all the places that she used to go. We had a great time during her stay here in Taiwan and we are planning to let her visit Taiwan again on Chinese New Year holidays. We love you mom!


A sad morning to remember

rest in peace

I received a call from my sister this morning with a bad news that my stepfather have passed away, it really saddened me to hear the news though I know his health condition during the past days was bad. He got hospitalized 2 days ago and last Friday his got condition got worse and need to be in ICU, he have heart, lungs and kidney failure and from hearing that even without medical knowledge that his condition was bad. I cried after hearing his condition, he was a good man and have sacrificed a lot for our family without complaining. Though I have only known him for 5 years but I learned to love and respect him. He is now in heaven with my beloved grandparents and father, thank you for all the love Uncle Lauro (Dikong) Munsayac and may you continue to watch over us. We love you.

It’s been quite a while

Recently I wasn’t able to update my blog due to my busy life specially last month. My daughter was born on the 10th of July and I need to be in the hospital for few days, after 16 days my daughter need to confine in the hospital again due to milk overflowed when feeding her but I thank God that she is fine now and I thank God for giving us another healthy baby. I also had some problems with my life and maybe it’s part of the relationship sometimes you will have ups and down as well as misunderstanding. Not all relationship are perfect, just like my wife and I because we have different points of views but it doesn’t mean  we can’t work it out.

Anyway, I hope I can still keep this blog running and still can fund it next year because my host will expire next year. Thank you for all the folks who keeps visiting my blog and those who dropped by here. I will update it on the next few days with some interesting topics that I recently were fond of, Clash of Clans? hahaha..I guess most people are interested on today’s hot game. I will be giving out my reviews on different bot used in COC, it’s not cheating…I use bot during at work so that I can have funds to upgrade stuffs 🙂

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