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Am I Making a Harsh Decision?

tough decisionWhat I am going to do now is to make a tough decision whether I am going to quit my job and go back to Philippines to find a new job. There are many reasons why I would like to quit this job.

1. This kind or nature of job I always have to handle problems of workers and sometimes I get into argument with them in which I really dislikes.

2. Long period of orientation in the production line, I am not choosing work but I really can’t go into the production line and stand for long hours. I do have a bad back pain.

3. My son is growing up and I am not around to see him grow up.

There are more reasons why I was thinking to quit this job. I am not afraid to go back to Philippines because I know there are lots of companies needs mandarin speaker and I think I am suitable for the job. I also need work right away when I get back to Philippines because I have family to support. I hope I am making the right decision and not a harsh decision. May God help me to get through this.

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