Japan Escapade

It’s been quite a while since I have updated my blog, my schedules has been hectic after our tour in Japan. It really drives me nuts nowadays on my job but still need to work for money. Well..let me talk about my Japan escapade now. Japan is a beautiful place, very clean compare to Taiwan but I did not get used to their foods. I had some bad experiences on our way to Japan and during our stay in Japan. On the first day I was so excited because I have been waiting for that day and it is my first trip to another country aside from Taiwan and Philippines. Upon arriving in the airport, the tour guide gave us our passport and our boarding pass and upon opening my passport I was surprised because my passport pages has fallen off from the passport cover. Continue reading →

Happy Birthday To My Dad

papaHappy birthday to my Dad..our Papa (in the middle with blue jacket)..although we didn’t grew up with him due to some family problem but we know how much he loves us. He showed his unconditional love when he found us and tried to be a good Dad for us. We surely misses the stuffs he used to cook, he is the best cook that I’ve ever known, we missed his “Adobo” and specially his “kinilaw na tanigue”. I can still remember the old days, as we were growing up and entering the manhood, he always asking us to come with him and do stuffs men were doing (I hope you guys knows what I meant..lol). For me he is not just a Dad but he also treated us like his best friend and hanging out with us. We miss you Papa and I know you are in heaven looking after your children and grandchildren, we love you.

Unable to Locate Android Phone

location not availableI have tried to contact my phone almost the entire day but couldn’t be reached and I tried using Android Device Manager to try my luck if it can find my phone. It is sad that until now I still can’t find my phone, I might not have switched on the Device Manager on my phone that’s why it couldn’t be located. Well..got to face the fact that my phone is in good hands already.

Happy Mother’s Day To All!

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for taking the hardest job in the world. To Auntie Myrna Garcia Bade for taking good care of Papa until his last breath and taking good care of my brothers and sister even Papa is not around anymore, to my mother-in-law Lisa Alintanahin Devero who have always been good to me. Lastly the most special women in my life, my Mama and beloved wife LizaMarie De Vero Bade who have gave me unconditional love and supports throughout my life. It is really the toughest job for being a mother. I salute all the mothers out there!

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