Malware on Is it real or they are under attack? infected by Malware

It is a pleasant surprise this morning when I was not able to get access to my site and have the above warning. Topblogs Philippines is one of the biggest blog directory out there and I really don’t think that their site have Malware on purpose.

Topblogs has been a reputable site in the Philippines and helped lot of bloggers to gain more readers and hits. I think their site got targeted by hackers who doesn’t have good things to do in their life. I hope Topblogs can fix it as soon as possible. For those who were not able to get access to your site, just remove the code of Topblogs and your site will be accessible again.

Japan Tour Here I Come

Just got my passport back today and my Japan Visa got granted. I am really excited for our upcoming tour to Japan and it’s like a dream comes true. Ever since when I was still a little child, I have always dreamed to go to Japan  and now my dream is going to fulfilled soon.

nagoya japan

Tateyama Kurobe
Kurobe Dam
Tashiro Marsh
Atsuta Shrine
Nagoya Castle
Mitsui Long Island OUTLET

I don’t know if I did get the name of the places right, I translated these places from Chinese. Well..few more days to go and I am so excited!

Quick review on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Amazing-Spider-Man-2(Copyright of the image belongs to the rightful owner)
Just watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 a while ago, it has a good storyline but I still feels like the movie is still lack of something. Most of the story is about what really happened to the parents of Spidy and the love story between him and Gwen. Maybe I am expecting to have much action and more fight scenes but aside from that, the movie is great although I am going to miss Gwen on the next movie of Spider-Man.

Tour again


Once again I had a tour with one of the company that I’m handling, it’s quite boring though because I’ve been here couple of times or shall I say yearly, this is one of the favorite place that most of the company here in Taiwan goes during tour.

I sat on a bench and wondering what to do to kill time, I took my camera and starts to practice basic photography.


Well..not bad for a newbie like me right? After here, we went to a mountain side to see some views. I got excited because I can have more shots with my camera and at the same time got worried (we are going to walk on steep roads).



Once again, not bad right? Anyway, after roaming around we had our dinner and took a ride home afterwards. Well..learning photography and DSLR camera really needs to take some time and I hope I can get better and better when I have  chance to take my camera for action!

Foreigner that Loves Philippines

nathan allen

Recently I came across the social media about a foreigner who have traveled almost all the cool places in Philippines. I went to his facebook page and there are lots of my “Kababayan” have liked and commented on his page. I can say that he is a great blogger who have written about the places he have been and all the Filipinos loved him for featuring Philippines in his blog. He is Nathan Allen and can find his blog here.

He even loved by more Filipinos when he defended Philippines on the blog of other foreigners who have visited Philippines and had negative comments about the foods in Philippines. He is now featured in media and created a place in the heart of every Filipinos.

Great job Nathan and thank you for featuring lot of places in Philippines even I didn’t have  chance to visit. My wife and I may plan to visit some of the places that you have featured when I get home.

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