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Foreigner that Loves Philippines

nathan allen

Recently I came across the social media about a foreigner who have traveled almost all the cool places in Philippines. I went to his facebook page and there are lots of my “Kababayan” have liked and commented on his page. I can say that he is a great blogger who have written about the places he have been and all the Filipinos loved him for featuring Philippines in his blog. He is Nathan Allen and can find his blog here.

He even loved by more Filipinos when he defended Philippines on the blog of other foreigners who have visited Philippines and had negative comments about the foods in Philippines. He is now featured in media and created a place in the heart of every Filipinos.

Great job Nathan and thank you for featuring lot of places in Philippines even I didn’t have  chance to visit. My wife and I may plan to visit some of the places that you have featured when I get home.

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