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Yamaha Majesty 125 old parts replacement

It is not easy to maintain a second-hand old scooter which needs a lot of love and effort, mine is 2003 model which is 15 years already and so it does need to replace lot of parts to keep it running longer. I have joined lot of majesty 125 group here in Taiwan and here are the list that they recommended to replace that can help extend the life of your old majesty 125.

  1. Radiator, Radiator Fan and hoses – it may be clogged already, water going in and out will not be the same.
  2. Full harness – wires inside some might have already broke off
  3. Thermostat – it have been used for 10 years it is about time to replace for a new one
  4. Ignition switch – some people have a habit of having lot of keys that’s why ignition switch may get damaged (loose contact)
  5. Ignition coil – it’s been 10 years and the efficiency will decrease as well, replace it to enhance ignition efficiency
  6. CDI – electronic parts unable to predict when it will break off which won’t make you at ease, replacing it after 10 years it makes sense
  7. CVK 30 (carburetor) – there are a lot of people replacing the original BS26 carburetor to CVK 30 to eliminate unnecessary problem and also can increase a little power
  8. Stator – replace it after 10 years is reasonable, i have encountered that my bike won’t start and after checking it is the problem of the stator
  9. Water pump – it may stopped working suddenly and coolant might get into the engine, you may refurbish it with repair kit or replace it for brand new to last longer

Above I have replaced radiator, thermostat and stator. While I was driving around I saw my coolant were leaking and after having it checked my radiator just gave up because it is leaking directly from the radiator (in Philippines it can still be repaired, here in Taiwan they replace it with new parts directly). I have replaced stator as well, when I was going to use my bike it wasn’t able to start may it be electric or kick-start. I hope this helps.

Here is a link of my vehicle record HERE

majesty 125 radiator

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