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Removing adfly ads from my blog


Recently I have tried to think another way in able to monetize my blog and I have tried adfly but after trying for a day, I think the popup ads works well if you are using a desktop computer or laptop but it is annoying when you are using mobile phone to view my blog. I decided to remove adfly ads (aside from the affiliate banner) from my blog because I don’t want people visiting my blog to get irritated. I would like to apologize to those who have visited my blog and got irritated by the adfly ads and also thank you guys for visiting my blog. For those who would like to earn a little money from adfly you can click on my adfly banner to sign up and it would be a big help to earn a little money through referral in able to keep my blog up and running.

2 thoughts on “Removing adfly ads from my blog

  1. Anne

    Hi Paul!

    Can I ask how you removed all your adfly ads from your blog? Did you remove the ads one by one? Or is there an easy way to rid my blog of adfly ads? Thank you so much!

    1. Paul Bade Post author

      i have used plugin on adfly, i uninstalled it. If your adfly code inserted manually you need to find it and remove it manually.

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