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My Yamaha Majesty 125 before and after





Above are pictures of my Yamaha Majesty 125 before and after pictures, when I first bought it I had it checked with my trusted mechanic and everything was fine aside from the radiator which looks a little old and yes after few month it got leaks and I need to replaced it with a new one. The next problem that i had was it suddenly won’t able to start whether  I use electric start or kick start, i had it checked and magneto need to be replaced. It went smooth afterwards and what can I expect with an 17 year old bike it is normal there are parts needed to be replaced. I did a little customization from the color and a little tweak on CVT, replaced carburetor for a larger one that gives a little power when going uphill which it does after testing it, customized seat for more comfortability. I really like  the looks and comfortability of this old bike specially on long rides, my back doesn’t hurts that much and I really hope that Yamaha can manufacture this kind of model again.

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