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My Favorite Android Apps


There are a lot of apps that you can download at google play store but there are only few apps that I use most of the time.
Nowadays, there are a lot of communication apps being promoted but there are only some of it I find it useful.

1. Line Apps
LineI use Line everyday to communicate with my family in Philippines and as well as my family here in Taiwan. It has a lot of functions that most people likes, such as voice call and video call. I also love the stickers that could be use when you are chatting.

2. Facebook Chat

facebook chat

I use facebook chat to keep in touch with my friends in facebook. It has wonderful GUI and I think facebook developer have done a wonderful job on their apps.

3. Viber


Viber is my alternative communication apps when the voice call of Line is laggy.

3. Google Translate

google translate

Google translate was very useful on my job as chinese translator. Sometimes there are things I don’t know in chinese and Google translate is a big help.

4. Game


There is only one game on my phone that I find it fun to play with. It’s Tower of Saviors, I have both chinese and english edition of this games. It’s a card game, for more info you can search google.

5. My other apps

my apps

There are other apps that I am using which is very useful in Taiwan and other apps that I find it very useful.

Camscanner is quite good, when you need to scan documents or other stuffs, you can use this apps to scan it and after scanning it you can share it or convert to PDF as well.

Clean Master is a great tool for cleaning up your android phone and it can also clear memory to make your phone run faster.

Currency exchange converter is also a nice app for foreign workers like me, I can always keep track of the current exchange rate or check it current exchange rate before remitting money back home.

Fake GPS I find it very fun to use, it can trick your friends that you are in other countries by checking-in at facebook with the fake location.

Above are my favorites android apps and still looking for more useful apps! Ciao!

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