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How to solve puff box misfire problem

I have misfires problem since I bought my acrylic puff box as I have mentioned from my earlier blog post, I have searched solution from different group from facebook. I have mentioned on my earlier post that misfires problem were solved by cleaning it with metal polish but it seems like it only last for 2 days and it will misfires again. I found a solution and it really works, thank you for the dude who told me how to solve the misfires issue.


Buy sand paper with thin grit, disassemble your firing button and on the button you will see magnets attached to it. Just grit a little on the magnet and brass parts, slight scratch only and don’t grit it hard. The purpose for this so that it will produce friction on it. Assemble it and try if it still misfires, that’s it! I still polish mine when I think it needed already.

I hope I have help you guys solve the misfires issue on you puff box! cheers!

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