What happened to topblogs.com.ph?


Few days ago my topblogs.com.ph badge did not appear when I access my site and when I tried to access topblogs.com.ph I got surprised because the domain is available for registration. I tried to find out what happened to topblogs.com.ph but can’t find anything on google. I doubt it that they can’t fund their domain or host because their site is making a nice profit or revenue. So, what happened? does anyone knows?


  1. manuel villarde says:

    They didn’t make money. That’s the only reason for that. If you’re making money out of your site, there’s no way you would let it loose.

    • Paul Bade says:

      What a waste..it’s a useful site to find and read other blogs and it also helped a lot of bloggers increased their site traffic. Thank you for the comment sir.

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